Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Blog Feature

A new and exciting component of this blog is popping up... for the enjoyment of readers, I will occasionally post random images I have saved to my desktop. The first installment of "Desktop Images" will feature ten images.


Talkeetna, AK
View from Lodge

Mongolian Prisoner in a Box
Photo by St├ęphane Passet 
July 1913

Uncredited image from internet

Queena Bass Flyer

Uncredited image from internet

Me and Jill in High School
Uncredited Photo

The Eye by David Altmejd

Photograph of Patty Hearst in front of the insignia of the Symbionese Liberation Army holding an assault rifle.
Photographer Unknown

Eva Rubinstein Baseball Card
Thanks to Sonja Thomsen

Alexander McQueen Boots

There's no order to these images... they're just images I have saved for any number of reasons, some interesting, some not, but all things to help me think.


Christopher Paquette said...

"all things to help me think"

I love that, and without realizing it, I guess that is why I do the same thing.

great new feature...looking forward to seeing more.

addie said...

haha, those shoes just kill me. i think they look like dogs' heads. you know, those dogs that are white and curly, but their fur is groomed to be all puffed out in a curve on the top of their snouts? maybe not.