Sunday, December 20, 2009

I have been thinking a lot about anhedonia and the many ways it seems to manifest itself in people's behavior and sense of self.

I am the opposite of anhedonic and am like when those Amish kids got a crappy wooden horse in Witness. You know, Witness starring Harrison Ford. I am thrilled and excited by everyday things all the time. Yesterday I was walking in the snow to get coffee and I was so happy to be alive. Because I was walking in South Philly getting coffee! Also, I was cleaning the house yesterday and thought " I love art!". With an exclamation point.

OK, this love of life does sometimes get tempered with aggravation. Like last week when I had to get out of our car and come at some lady for her misbehavior... which included some aggressive language on my part and included her saying "you're a lunatic." It ended up with her running toward Walnut St.

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Christopher Paquette said...

I am so disappointed I didn't "witness" that altercation!

Zoe, I hope you realize how much you contribute to the fun in the lives of others... and the love of art in others.

Best to you and LB for the holidays and a kick ass 2010!