Tuesday, November 24, 2009

seaweed bathing suit web

I am often asked what I "did" before I started working on I-95. Above is one of the answers. My bikini top is made entirely from seaweed harvested from the Jersey Shore and I am modeling it at the tiki bar in a beach house shared with my lady, Ray and Tina. This kelp piece is one of the many works that I produced in my 20s.

Also, I have been thinking about I-95 and the all encompassing focus... it's a pretty major achievement in my life. Shockingly, I have several other achievements that are on par with I-95. Very different than I-95 but I still take great pride in them.

Achievements Before 30

1. Reading the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy aloud, including "The Hobbit," to Alex Mechanick. Brian was in on hearing the first books, but Alex heard them from page one to the last page before the rune index. It took almost a year. This still tops my list of "Greatest Achievements." Did Middle Earth help these fine young men enter into the world? What other answer could there be than "yes?" This is cheating because I think I did this into my early 30s, but it's so good I can't let it go.

2. Whirlforce Medical Research Laboratories... that was pretty amazing, although I wish I had retained more of the Latin I learned for the the production of it. I'd like to give a shout out to my family and friends for coming to see it. I mean, it did involve a lot of difficult things and it meant for over a year my lady had to walk through a room with preserved organs to get to the hopper. Thanks, honey.

3. CVS New Year

4. Collision at Sea.
collision at sea

Please note that the identifying numbers on both boats are my birthday, 4/1/70. There were a lot of secret things in Collision at Sea. I did a lot of work on myself before I started I-95. Then I was ready to go at the end of my 20s and commit to the long, long haul.

Aside- I went to college for about a year and a half, intermittently, and that does not fall into greatest achievement. I found some old papers from college and I did really well, which I didn't remember at all. Still, actually comes closest to "regret" as opposed to "achievement."


ruben said...

Love that Polariod!
A ver daring Zoe back then and still now.
Never lose your spirit.
Happy Thansgiving to you,Lynn,Mom sis, bro and Philly!

ZS said...

Right back at you, Ruben! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Happy to know you!

Christopher Paquette said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Little Mermaid