Monday, November 16, 2009

First, me and my lady were walking down Michigan Ave in Chicago and we saw GARRY MADDOX and I WAS WEARING THIS SWEATER. While I realize that Garry's just trying to live his life, I still had to show it to him. Garry's wife seemed to love it.

Then we went to a Bulls game and saw this amazing floating Bulls.

Then the Sixers lost, so dreams were crushed.

Then we went to the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio in Chicago, which was great. Then two people who we saw at the Frank Lloyd Wright house earlier were randomly on our plane to Philadelphia!

But then our plane from Chicago ran into a coyote on the runway and we had to sputter back over Lake Michigan, and I say sputter because the plane sounded messed up despite the pilot's statement of "everything's fine." Nice try, because we were greeted with quite a battalion of fire trucks and ambulances. It was actually fine and wasn't too-nerve wracking, which is probably why I was disappointed we didn't use the slides to get off the plane.

Then we got home and LB just got a 150 dollar gift certificate from United and that's pretty great, so all in all a successful 24 hours.


Matt Weber said...

I'm glad your plane didn't take off! At least McNabb threw for 450 yards if stats mean anything...Oh well my JETS season basically ended yesterday so it's back to my Knicks who are, holy shit...1-10! It's so ugly Zoe, I think I'll just hibernate till spring training...

ZS said...

We did take off and then had to return... just like your Jets. I don't even know what to say about the Knicks. It's been a long recovery post the Isiah Thomas horror, but I am hoping that the Knicks, Sixers and Celtics will all be on a level playing field at some point for full-blown rivalry. Right now "lackluster" is an understatement.

My friend! Remember baseball! And your glory days of this year!