Friday, October 02, 2009

I am back from a incredibly incredible trip to Spain. Amazingly amazing. This trip was possible due to the generosity of Ivory Press, the publishers of C International Photo Magazine, and the vision of Ignacio Andreu the creative editor of C International Photo Magazine.

Thanks to Ignacio and to all at Ivory Press.

This trip was also made possible by La Casa Encendida, particularly Ms. Lucia Casani Fraile.

Thank you so much, Lucia . And Yara. And also Rocio from the office. And José Guirao. Thanks, La Casa Encendida.

And thanks to all who participated in the Hola. Como Estas? taller

Aitor Aguirre
Ana Gutierrez
Ángel de Frutos
Angela Pons
Coco Moya
Daniel Guerra
Juan Aballe
Julien Charlon
Laura Chamizo
Laura Fernandez Izuzquiza
Lena Hesse
María Manso
María Perez Aporta
Oscar Gaeta
Rocío Varela Confalonieri
Sara Ortiz
Silvia Vaulà
Takuma Yamaguchi
Tila Cappelletto
Yolanda Palomo

Almost a week later, I am still a little wiped out from the trip back. A fucking 22 hour trip back due to a missed connection at Charles De Gaulle.

I will say that I did a lot all up in Spain.


Coming Up
Part I: Hola. ¿Cómo estás?

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