Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hope everyone is ready for full meltdown. I'm about enter into an extraordinarily painful time... an evaluation and compete reassessment of my body of work from the last 10 years. Who the fuck though I-95 was a good idea? I mean, really, a vivisection of this fairly emotional work right before I turn 40? Am I out of my fucking mind? Obviously, yes.

me yelling.jpg

cosmos wedding web

sisters 1468 web

hi five_4432 web

mcdonalds sign warped15-1web copy

la ass_5234_1 web

judy genetics testing_3617-Edit edited web

phillies parade_4241 web

nevada test site

woman in salmon shirt camden crying 6_1web.jpg

removing the body ray_0137

zoe strauss at the whitney web

election day_6171 web

bloody lip17_3web

george bush leaving the white house_4035 web

leonard nimoy_web

110 all-americans-time3.jpg

Jonathan Nannie Charday

sunflowers_8922 web

ivy_1557_1_1 crying web

215. lesbians in beatty nv5cropped .jpg

nan fake shaking hands with barack obama_6234 web

denali_8838_1 web

ken and don kissing_1 web.jpg

me in don's hat-photo by Don, modeling direction from Ken web .jpg

hamiltons_6932 web

74 daddy tattoo woman.jpg

elle article_0001

shawn_1325 web

cos syd manny_7148 web

indiana_sky_9320_2 2_clouds_1 web

us_7275_1_1 web

Zoe's under I95 - 2008 013

charday_7360 web

dawn web.jpg

arguing_0954 web

ica night view straight ahead

Zoe's under I95 - 2008 015

195. we will win .jpg

LB in LA_4885 web

phillies parade_4051 web

How's this going to be to sort out? Seriously...

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Aitor Aguirre said...

good luck my friend!