Monday, October 05, 2009

Esquire UK

Thanks to the guest editing of Mr. Nick Hornby, I've got a spread in Esquire UK this month. You heard right. I know, I know, you're thinking "Who the hell could have a life where they come back from Spain and then have some something in Esquire UK?"
Apparently, the answer is "Zoe Strauss."

Nick also asked my friend Serge Bielanko to write something for this issue. No question it will supersonic. Serge's writing kills me. KILLS ME.

Please check out Nick Hornby's new book Juliet, Naked. And then go see An Education. Love you, Nick! Thanks for hooking up a sister.

Nick Hornby, Evan Davis, Rankin and Ricky Gervais have guest edited the November issue.
Below is Karl Pilkington complaining to Ricky Gervais about so much work for not getting paid among other gems. This issue is going to be fucking great!


Gustaf said...

Fantastic, Zoe! I guess I'll have to pick up my first ever copy of Esquire.

ZS said...

Thanks, Gustaf... I'm really excited about it.