Thursday, October 08, 2009


These are pretty certain to be in I-95.10.

1 if you reading this 2


195. we will win .jpg

26-everything is name brand.jpg

vanessa 2_web.jpg

46 paula's-union-hall.jpg

mcdonalds sign warped15-1web copy

73. yellow flea market curtain .jpg

74 daddy tattoo woman.jpg

88 crack camden  copy.jpg

alarm calls police copy

103- ice on stairs in tasker projects

109 titanic2

111 marines billboard.jpg

american face paint making out mummers web

man's mans back flash .jpg

119 vietnam-hand-2.jpg

144_ alzheimers alzheimer's .jpg

power ower el paso_0012 web

everything store8-1web

146-victoria scar print4x6 copy

3 smokestacks web

monique showing black eye web

stay alive web.jpg

194 mattress flip.jpg

ken and don 5_2 web.jpg

gulf towers apts mom were ok4-1web copy

tonya_Tanya_1 web

woman at cabrini-green 2 web

we love having you here_5443_1 web

art showing loaded 45 revolver_1_1_web copy.jpg

woman showing dead bird_7565 web

231 call-unto-me3


Serge said...

Oh my lord, girl. There is just way too much brilliance here. In-fuckin-credible.

You better get to this retrospective fast. Another five years and you'll have to just let the big-time museum people sort it all out.

Love to you and Lynn.

Christopher Paquette said...

loving it.....

ruben said...

Looking good !

Michael said...

I like especially the three above "We love having you here".