Friday, October 09, 2009

The day before yesterday I was pleased to find my book in the South Philadelphia Branch of the Free Library.

south philadelphia library_3213 web

free library_3218 web

Of course, within an hour of that pleasurable moment I was in a huge fracas at 29th and Reed that involved the cops being called. I was taking some photos of a pickup baseball game that was apparently about the equivalent to 9/11 according to some neighbors. Oh, Grays Ferry! I was thinking a lot about how so many neighborhoods have changed in the last 20 years, but Grays Ferry has held onto it's own place through the years.


And Charday Laverty update:

charday_3489 web

Loves the army but broke her hip in basic training. Just a stress fracture, she'll be in rehab for a few more weeks. Expects to be shipped out to Iraq within the next year.

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Anonymous said...

re: I was taking some photos of a pickup baseball game

was just on the 15 trolley and as it passed Lehigh/Richmond there was a huge Flyers truck and Emery showing off his goaltending skills for about 100 or so kids under I-95. Lots of cameras and balloons. will probably be on tonight's local news. Um, maybe that info was only tangentially related.

Also, although Fishtown Branch & Port Richmond don't have America, it is at Central & Independence (chinatown) in addition to your south philly branch.