Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birds of The Acme Parking Lot

At the expense of everything else in my life, I'm really starting to focus on I-95 and have begun to take a look at the photos from 2009. From this moment it looks like very few are going in. I've been going, going going, but despite these incredible trips I haven't made an enormous amount of work to be included in I-95, primarily because I've successfully made much of the travel of this last year experiential and was open to see a lot without recording it, or recording it as a reference and not as a composed photo. The great majority of the photos from this year feel like they've been made as a reference for the next 10 years... there's something there that I'm going to have devote time to figure out.


Meanwhile, I decided today that I'm very into birds of the Acme parking lot. This last year I've been occasionally compelled to make photos of birds in flight. The shapes that birds make are dynamite!

This hawk killed a pigeon in the Acme parking lot today. It hooked its talons in and flew away with it like the pigeon weighed nothing.

birds of the acme parking lot_4167 web

birds of the acme parking lot_4150 web

birds of the acme parking lot_4145_1 web


Below, birds.

930 am raven_3480 web

raven_1557_1 web

pigeon_2371_2 web

pigeon_2338_3 web

raven_0476 web

birds_0748 web


Below is from last year, it was a piece in "History Keeps Me Awake At Night: A Genealogy of David Wojnarowicz"

with love bird I wish my eyes were cameras web eileen

Here's from this year
woman showing dead bird_7565 web

Bail Bonds
bail bonds 1-1web

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rachel said...

The third photo is incredible!
The hawk also is excellent with a totally different feel than the rest of the series- here is an interesting image of a hawk that actually flew into a restaurant -