Monday, September 21, 2009

This one day exhibition wouldn't have been possible without many people, including Ivory Press, La Casa Encendida, the entire Hola. Como Estas? taller group and the Spanish Ministry for Equality.

hola como estas_0829 web

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Photo by Aitor Aguirre/ Antinea Media

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We gave away flashlights so that people could get a better look at the photos.

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The Solar included 3 photos printed at 4 meters wide, an incredible outdoor projection, and a number of small photos that people were able to see with flashlights.


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Newspapers were distributed and included 10 of my photos in poster format and a double spread of the Hola. Como Estas? taller photos.


hola como estas_0911 web

hola como estas_0934 web
Projection inside La Casa Encendida

The exhibition followed a 5 block route and the Hola. Como Estas taller wallpapered areas with semi translucent brown paper and then the photos were hung on top. Other photos were placed in various places along the route, on walls and in store windows.

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More later, because now I'm on a 2 day vacay.


Mark said...

Wow gurl, you own that town! Very, very, very cool...

ruben said...

Great Zoe!

Uncle Jesse said...

woah! that is amazing! i love it.

ZS said...

Thanks y gracias, friends y amigos!