Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I am super tired, but how awesome is it that I'm in Spain? This whole thing is amazing and mind-blowing. I started directing the curatorial workshop and apparently the description was vague so everyone was kind of like, "What the fuck is this class?" but I still think it's going to be amazing. And I can't believe how great everyone is in the class and how they got to work on helping me construct the exhibition. I am totally committed to this workshop and totally committed to creating an incredible exhibition for Lavapies.

Whoooooo! EspaƱa! Te Amo!

Also, thanks thanks and thanks to cphoto y ivorypress. Tonight was a talk at the Ivory Press spot, for the kick off of CPhoto Number 9, which is beautiful. I showed up a little bit gross from having worked all day and then I saw that everyone was a little bit dressed up. Plus I was super car sick from the cab ride over, so I know I looked a hot mess. I tried to clean it up a little but I'm still like school in the summer.

Digression: You know who I love? Ignacio Andreu. Seriously, the awesome levels of Ignacio Andreu are through the roof. Top Notch. Fuckin' A #1.
Also, I love Carolina. Esa es todo.

My Spanish, which is still limited to about 10 words and no conjugation, shifts throughout the day... sometimes I can understand like 50-60 percent of what people are saying and then moments later it's like I can't understand one word of the exact same statement. And sometimes I can get out a close to full sentence and the next minute I can't remember one word.


Miranda COLLINGE said...

Hi Zoe, Miranda from Esquire! Tried your email but not sure if it's playing up - could you let me know if you get this?

ZS said...

Si! I'll email right back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe...!!
I am delighted to have met you.
kisses from Barcelona..

Jordi Gual

Dana Eisfeld said...

welcome to my world for all of 2007!