Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hola. Coma Estas?


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Since you're very busy in Spain thought I'd add this link:

Personal Views: Contemporary Photographic Portraiture in Philadelphia

339 Gallery

September 16-November 14, 2009

Personal Views is an effort to present the depth and richness of photographic portraiture that is being made by Philadelphia-area artists. The exhibition developed out of a recognition that some of the most accomplished and interesting contemporary portraiture is being made here, and features seven local female artists: Justyna Badach, Rita Bernstein, Jessica Todd Harper, Andrea Modica, Nadine Rovner, Sarah Stolfa, and Zoe Strauss.

Each has received a level of national attention, and the work by all these artists has been selected for exhibitions and museum collections around the country. Other emerging artists in Personal Views, Justyna Badach, Rita Bernstein, and Nadine Rovner, are similarly seeing their work recognized through local and national awards, competitions and exhibitions. And further adding to the city’s gravity in this genre is the recent arrival of renowned portrait photographer Andrea Modica. While these artists are not joined by a single movement or aesthetic view, the convergence of so much talent and strong work and the visibility of these artists through their books, exhibitions and other projects has created a palpable sense of momentum in local photography and a greater public interest in portraiture.

via: Philly Fun Guide

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