Monday, August 17, 2009

Tripod Theft Averted

I was in the subway and someone stole my tripod... I was lugging it around to shoot some of the Love Letters stuff on the el. So I put it down for about a minute to make a few photos of the Daily News cover "Hide Your Dogs" and I turned around and it was gone. I had to guess which direction it went... where I was standing it could have gone down to the subway or up to the el. I picked the right way, westbound el, and grabbed it from this guy making off with it.

guy that tried to steal my tripod_2777 web

I was about to punch this guy dead in the fucking face when I pulled it from his hand, I mean I was going to fucking clock whoever stole it... but I just started laughing. I mean, look at this guy. So we rode the el together to 40th St. and when I asked him about whether he was going to use the tripod or sell it, he answered with a long rambling story of how he was a photographer 40 years ago and something about how he delivered weapons and food on a bicycle in Vietnam. Oh, Christ.

guy that tried to steal my tripod_2780 web

Sad to say, I didn't get any good photos from this meeting even though I made him let me take 10 photos of him as reperations.


ruben said...

You are living ''La Vida Loca in Philly'' Ha ha ha!

Only you Zoe will turn a bad thing into a good one!

I would kicked his ass , called the cops and get him arrested. But then, you are not are Zoe and have that magic touch with people!

Well done sister!

ZS said...

I couldn't believe that I didn't punch him... I grabbed it from his left hand and was about to spin him to shove him but he had a cane in his right hand. And in that moment I was just staring at him, I suddenly found it hysterical. I was certain that it was a bunch of teenagers when I started to run... and then it was this weirdo!?! I'm bummed out that I didn't get any good photos of him though.

Christopher Paquette said...

He just wanted to get himself in the last I-95 show...