Friday, August 21, 2009

Indefinable Qualities of Images

water ice_5242_1 web

Here's an image of water ice in a cup. Now, while it's suitable for a description of summer in West Philadelphia to document some of the love letters stuff, I missed the shot. This image is lacking the vulgarity I was looking for. But how can you describe an abstract image as vulgar? And how can I know with certainty that this image is removed from what I want to show? Because I most certainly do know. When I was making it, I was looking to show something disconcerting in the image, which in and of it's self is fucking nuts because it's a cup of water ice. While the image could be seen as visually engaging, it's completely benign. I try to keep a big part of my working self unconscious, but at the same time I'm fascinated by what abstraction says to me, and how I know when it's done and is doing it's job.

sticker removed_7974_1 web


Steve Weinik said...

Melting water ice is completely vulgar. Abstract or not, it's in the character of the wudder ice.

Judith Schaechter said...

I used to work at a convenience food store in RI that served a sleazy version of corporate water ice known as a "Slush Puppy". We used to experiment with mixing the colors (flavors?) to get the most vulgar rsults and the red/blue combo was a favorite we called the "Blood Puppy" so we are obviously thinking along the exact same lines here!!!
Upping the dampness and sheen could make it more vulgar, perhaps but its a damned fine image!

before cinema said...