Thursday, August 13, 2009

For Fuck's Sake, Eagles... Michael Vick?!?!

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick to a 2 year deal. While there can be debate about Michael Vick's seemingly excessive sentence and how when one has served their "debt" they can come back into the world, I know I am not alone in thinking that a person who ran a dog fighting operation for 6 years is a dick. Michael Vick should be allowed to return to his job... but I don't want a total dick on the team that I love.

However, I would take Michael “Ron Mexico aka I gave that woman herpes" Vick over any of the current and former NFL assholes listed below...

Ray Lewis
Tim Barnett
Cornelius Bennett
Sebastian Janikowski
Keith Henderson
Christian Peter
Patrick Bates
O.J. Simpson
Rae Carruth
Barret Robbins
Hubert D. Thompson
Lawrence Phillips
Lewis Billups
Donte Stallworth
Dextor Clinkscale
Jim Dunaway
Tommy Kane

But I wouldn't take Michael Vick either. Really? MICHAEL VICK?

Fuck you, Eagles. And I LOVE the Eagles. LOVE THEM. But why the fuck would you sign Michael Vick? Obviously, my Phillies and Sixers gear will be in full effect now through football season.

And I'm still pissed off at the Phillies for not suspending and getting rid of Brett Myers. Damn my conflicting "love of professional sports" and "lesbian feminist ideals!" Damn it!


Christopher Paquette said...

You Go!

Pete Rose bet on baseball games and he is banned for life... Pete Rose!! Arguably one of the greatest players in the history of baseball, is not allowed to participate in any MLB events.

Michael Vick ran a brutally vicious Dog Fighting operation on his own property for years, and he is back in the NFL making Million dollar salary, with a potential for $5 Million next year. As far as I know, he has still not publicly apologized for his actions.

Yes, he went to prison. We all know that. But if my next door neighbor goes to prison for child molestation, when he gets out after paying his dues to society, I am not going to ask him to babysit my kids!

Animal abuse is right up there with child/spouse abuse as far as I am concerned. And once an abuser, maybe not always an abuser, but never again trusted.

Poor judgement by the Eagles !

ZS said...

Absolutely terrible judgement on the Eagles part! Remember how bad it was when we had T.O.? And he was just an idiot, not a guy who ran a gambling ring where people bet on dog fights! Jesus, Pete Rose only bet on games!

I am hard pressed to find that someone who ran an illegal dog fighting ring FOR SIX YEARS had a "lapse in judgement."

Bad Newz, Eagles, bad newz.

Rondell said...

Girl you betta watch your mouth! We ladies up in here.

laxwho said...

nic said...

it's not even the dogfighting ring/gambling [which in and of itself is horrible].

all i heard at work on friday was "he paid his debt - he just fought some dogs!"

SO not even it!

it was his sheer disregard for living creatures and how they would beat, maim, torture, and "eliminate" underperforming animals - and thats just the fighters. i can only imagine what happened to the bait dogs, and other pets that they supposedly threw to their champion fighters to destroy.

his sentence was a joke - as animal rights laws are a joke. this guy shouldn't be on the street again [nor anyone else who engages in such activities].

and if they even try to make this guy a spokesman for animal rights we have just as many more problems. like a convicted child molester - he should never be allowed near animals again