Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear "Health Care Town-Meeting" Assholes,

Everyone deserves healthcare. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Earlier this year, Jonathan Phelps died. Doctors guessed he had an issue with his gallbladder but he didn't have health insurance and couldn't afford the tests to be sure. Because he couldn't afford testing, his physician suggested that he wait until he got health insurance and then have his gallbladder removed. Well, it wasn't his gallbladder and he became acutely ill and died within 3 weeks of falling sick. So there you go.

Below is Jonathan working at I-95 with Savannah and Charday. Jonathan was a long time friend to our good friend Christine Settino. He was accomplished dancer and choreographer and danced for years with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Jonathan Nannie Charday

What the fuck is wrong with the Obama administration? We need health care. Fucking get it done.

Zoe Strauss


ruben said...


brad daly said...

amen, sister!

i'm very sorry about your friend's death.

Anonymous said...

Why blame Obama? He's doing all he can to pass the bills and is being obstructed by the republicans and big business but you blame Obama. Isn't that curious that a president who is really trying to do something constructive is criticized. I hate, hate, hate the republicans and their lies, and the dumb ass people who repeat the lies even though they would benefit from better health care.


Anonymous said...

Oh and BTW I really enjoy your work.


ZS said...

My only criticism is that there's any hesitation on implementing universal health care at all... I think the Obama administration should move ahead with it, force it if need be, and not even engage with the moronity of the discourse surrounding it. I wish the administration would make no concessions.

Can you believe these idiots who don't want health care for everyone? It's mindblowing! And I'm not talking about the debate of how universal health care should be enacted, which is of course an important part of constructing a new structure... but the violent opposition to universal health care and the desire to keep what we have, which is an immoral and deadly system. Have any of you people tried to deal with an HMO? What the fuck???

Alright, I'm simmering down. Thanks for liking my work.

ZS said...

And thanks for commenting!

Max said...

I don't get it either. The Democrats win this huge blowout landslide and the first thing Obama wants to do is run to the Republicans for "bipartisanship." If we wanted Chuck Grassley running the country, we woulda voted for him!

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