Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A World of Digital Manipulation

I have no problem with digital manipulation. As a rule for myself, I don't manipulate anymore than I could with a few tools in a darkroom. I crop, straighten out, burn, dodge, clean up dust, color correct. I'm not particularly stellar at photoshop and I'm more interested in rapid image production as opposed to polishing each pixel in an image, so there's not a ton to do. There's no image changing additions or subtractions, just basic digital dark room work.

Except for this one

high hopes_7181 web

high hopes_7181_1 web

Everything, which I consider one of my favorites, has been impossible for me. It's cropped slightly, but the image is as it was made and that's the problem except for a little perspective pulling in upper left hand. The color is always slightly off and I've never really been able to get it right. And the exposure is off so I've worked endlessly with getting the ground and the wall on the same tone wavelength. The problem is really the ground below the curb. I could sign this photo, "Ahab."

everything store8-1web

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