Monday, July 06, 2009

In Memoriam: Steven Wells

Zoe Strauss: "The Phillies are the WORLD CHAMPIONS OF

Steven Wells: "No they're not. They're national champions. America is not the world."

-Then an ongoing debate about the "World Champion" status for many, many emails. Of course, SW is right and after a valiant, but failed, attempt to make a claim that Phillies are "World Champions" I must openly acknowledge that Phillies are "World Series Champions" and not "World Champions" and modify my language accordingly.

The last presidential election ended the debate-

ZS: "USA is now World Champs of president electing!"

SW: "Yes you are."


"Let's get this situation sorted out!
We're so polite
It makes me want to shout
We waive the everything we want
An' take the nothing we already have
An' I'm waiting on hold
For something to blow ..."

The Redskins, from Neither Washington Nor Moscow


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Steven Wells – Less A Journalist, More A Torch To The Face

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History Will Absolve Mike said...

The "World Series" was originally created and sponsored by the newspaper the New York World, hence the moniker "World" Series. It was never meant to imply an international championship.

Christopher Paquette said...

don't listen to those nay-sayers... Phillies are World Champs!

and don't you ever forget it....

ZS said...

Among many other excuses, I tried to use the NY World origin as a way of getting out of being wrong... I mean everyone knows that Dr. Pepper isn't really endorsed by a physician despite the original name, but I still think I was burned because around the world "world championship" means "world."

Look, I've got no bones with "World Series Champions." I prefer "World Fucking Champions," however.

ZS said...

Rest in peace, Steven. I and I hope your peace involves you being as cantankerous as ever.