Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rust stain_4024_1_4 web

rust stain_4023_1_1 web

Now, these 2 photos... these 2 photos are great. Neither has been included in I-95 and neither was able to find it's place in America, but I love them.

The vertical shot above was in contention to replace the I-95 third aisle staple "Coffee Spill Prevention Point" and still might find it's way into 2010.

90 coffee-spill-@-prevention-.jpg

This year I replaced "Coffee Spill Prevention Point" with "light switch and thermostat" because I wanted implication of imbalance in addition to a human mark in that moment. Balance played a much bigger role than usual in this 2009's show.

light switch and thermostat_3325 web

The choice of "light switch and thermostat" probably also came from the having worked with that image so much when editing America. I was very, VERY, reluctant to pull out "Coffee Spill Prevention Point" but I think I made the right choice for this year.


History Will Absolve Mike said...

I prefer the vertical format (for what it's worth).

libby said...

The vertical shot is a formal beauty, but the horizontal is a conceptual beauty. I mean, do these wires just keep going all around the world without end? Just a thought.