Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coming Up: La Casa Encendida y Hay Festival Segovia

Sept 2009 I will be in Madrid, Spain, teaching a workshop at La Casa Encendida.

About La Casa Encendida:

La Casa Encendida is an open and dynamic social and cultural centre of the Obra Social Caja Madrid (Madrid Savings Bank Friendly Society), where you can find anything from the most avant-garde art and theatre to courses and workshops on subjects like the environment or solidarity. The cultural programme offers dramatic arts, cinema, exhibitions and other displays of contemporary artistic creation.

From its beginnings, La Casa Encendida has supported young artists in developing their initiatives with programmes such as ’Emergencies’, ’At Home’ and ’Artists in Residence’.

Additionally, La Casa Encendida has a complete resource centre (library, media library, news archive and radio, photographic and multimedia laboratory) which is open to all.

Here's a synopsis of the workshop that I'll be conducting...

"This curatorial and exhibition production workshop will culminate with the participants producing an exhibition of the artist Zoe Strauss’s photographs, to be opened on September 19th, 2009. Ms. Strauss will be showing a digital slide projection at La Casa Encendida and participants will help create a site-specific exhibition outside of the gallery space by engaging with neighbors in the area surrounding the art space. Storefronts, public and private spaces, outdoor projections, a walking tour of photos...everything is up for consideration as a potential exhibition space. Participants will also be making their own photos of the neighborhood as part of the workshop."

And then Ignacio Andreu and I will be giving a talk at the Hay Festival in Segovia. The Hay Festival Segovia is happening September 24–27 2009.

With tremendous thanks to Ignacio Andreu for the invite and his interest in my work and tremendous thanks to Dana Eisfeld for his incredible organizational help.

and all at Ivory Press and C Photo.

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