Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bobby Jean

The song Bobby Jean, from Born in The U.S.A., is a staple of Bruce Springsteen's live shows. Now, many of the completely insane Bruce Springsteen fans have complained that they'd like a different song in place of Bobby Jean... it's not one of his best, he plays it too often, blah, blah, blah. Bruce Springsteen obviously thinks it's important to include in concert and he know what's best to structure his live performances.

The photo above, Pilgrims, is akin to the Bobby Jean selection in a live set list. I love Pilgrims and think it's important and don't really care if it's not one my strongest photos or that others wish there was something else in it's place... don't be fooled, I'm not so mental that I think that anyone would think, "I wish a different photo was included in this spot." I mean if someone was given the curatorial choice between Pilgrims and a number of my other photos, Pilgrims would lose out a lot. I know why it's there and I'm ok with anyone questioning it.

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Anonymous said...

so, why is it there?