Monday, May 04, 2009


There's too many things to say about the penultimate I-95, but I will just start with this brief recap.

People in my life were there from cradle until this moment. Eileen Bertino was there, neighbor on my grandparents block in the northeast. Liz Woods was there, mother of my high school friend. People from my grade schools, from my high school, anarchists, neighbors, friends and strangers, all together under a highway in the rain.

And my family was there. My wife. My mom and my sister (and both brothers in spirit... they both would have been there if possible). And my cousins Buddy and Rita Baker, who brought their own lawnchairs. Love you Buddy and Rita. And sister-in-law Kim Hamilton, and nieces and workers Maggie, Katie and Kellie. And Michael and Ellensue and cousin Andy and her boyfriend Mike. And Uncle Colin and Colin, Jr. Andrea and Justin and baby Grace. And Aunt "333" Jane! And Aunt Lil. And Christine "Tina" Settino. And Marielle, Matt, Shane and Greg. Mary Ann Black was greatly missed.

Did you get a 5 dollar color copy of "American Face Paint Making Out?" The guy in that photo, Mickey, signed the back of all of those photos yesterday. Mickey's friend was just walking by yesterday and saw the photo and was like, "that's my friend!" and brought Mickey back. I asked who the woman in the photo was and Mickey said, "I have no idea." Mickey is awesome and it was an absolute highlight of the day that he came to the show, particularly because he came just because his friend was walking by and saw his photo.

Mickey at his picture_0607 web

Did you buy "Paula's Union Hall?" It's really both Paula Cronan and John Cronan's Union hall. John, who was recently involved in the pirate attack on the Maersk Alabama, signed the back of all of the Paula's Union Hall photos.

Workers of the World Unite.

john and zs_0608 web

What about how incredibly great my intern Ashley Flynn is? And how great her grandmother is? Ashley's grandmother posed for this portrait

ashley grandmother_8596_1 web

And she was there yesterday, along with Ashley's mom, Ashley's aunt, Ashley's sister and Ashley's nephews, who are brilliant and insanely cute. Ashley's grandmother looked beautiful yesterday, too.

john and mickey_0616 web

Only one problem I heard about. Apparently some asshole tried to take a photo off of one of the pillars at 3:30 and my mom almost had to throw down. "I gave birth to the artist. You can't have it, sir. Go away." is the quote that Brent passed onto me. Please, dumbass, you think you are a match for my mom? Seriously? This same ass also yelled at Katie and Kellie because the photo he wanted was out. Yes, Katie and Kellie are 10 years old. Please, dumbass, you think you are a match for Katie and Kellie Hamilton? During a recap, Kellie said about him, "whatever." He wasn't worth her breath. That is because we are champions of the world.

At one point I was signing stuff and Katie and Kellie were sitting on either side of me and Kellie was braiding my hair. At another point my cousin Michael Gross was sitting next to me. At another point Rich Garella was sitting on my left and Tameme McQueen was on my right. I went to Nicaragua with Rich Garella 21 years ago this summer. And Meme worked making the documentary "If You Break the Skin" 3 years ago.

And thanks a billion times over to Karen Heller for the piece in Saturday's Inquirer... love you and David!

More later this week.


Mithras said...

That kid Mickey and his buddies who found the pic were just so classic. His friend with the sort of square face and the black hat would also make a great portrait subject.

zs said...

I totally loved all three of those kids. When he said that he had no idea who the woman was... oh, when playas play! Now, could you please pick your print? Do it. And I have your brooms and dustpan.

Thanks for everything, Mr. Invicti. Your help was invaluable.


Anonymous said...

Usually at a show, there's a piece or two that seem weaker than the others, installed cause the artist needs to fill the space.

I-95.09 was terrific. *Every* piece was strong and the installation great, whether part of some narrative or by itself.

Was going to say hello to you but you seemed busy. Was on the outskirts of the crowd when you first started talking to the guy in the Flag makeup/makeout photo.

Anyway, you were right. The show did kick some serious butt.

zs said...

Next time push your way right the hell in for hello. I am never too busy for a momentary shout out of love. And is this Mr. Allan Smithee? Because you know I would have loved to say hi!

Allan Smithee said...

ahhh, thanks!

Heather said...

Zoe it was wonderful to finally meet the lady I have heard so much about over the past few years!! Paula's right - you rock! I know it meant alot to John to see you as well...along with all of your love and support in recent weeks. During the darkest hours we all felt the love and support of our family and friends and thank you for each and every prayer.

Older child (aka Annie)can't wait to show you her photographs! Dinner...soon.
Much love~Heather

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was great. I wish I had been there.--bmw

History Will Absolve Mike said...

Unfortunately your mother got to him before the 3rd St. Malevolent Association.

miss mosley said...

full of some sweet and most bittersweet beauty. my favorite pieces are the chandelier reflection and the beach with the roller coaster.

i also enjoyed this by stepping in to take a closer look at what i saw as a most divine image.. smooshing mud under my boot. it was a nice touch.


Kaitlin S. Mosley