Friday, May 15, 2009

Randall Sellers Talk at MoMa, May 18

Randall Sellers is showing a slide presentation of his work at The Museum of Modern Art on Monday, May 18, at 12:30pm.

Six artists from the Judith Rothschild Collection will be showing slides on Monday: 20 slides each, 20 seconds of talking per slide. Tickets are only 5 bucks and well worth it.

My question for Mr. Sellers is about the attached piece: Why does this woman have little or no pubic hair in this drawing? Is it related to the influenza pandemic in allegory? Please discuss.

Love you, Sellers!

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Randall said...

You're right there isn't enough pubic hair, but hey at least she doesn't have a "landing strip." I'm in agreement with Sofia Coppola that landing strips are silly. Maybe it signals that the flu "vaccine" that they'll probably force upon us will bring infertility to many.

Love you Strauss!!!