Thursday, May 07, 2009

zoe strauss show -32.jpg

zoe strauss show -35.jpg

zoe strauss show -9.jpg

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Photos by Ms. BraeBrae







Photos by Chpaquette

Zoe Strauss's I-95.09 Photo Exhibition Staked Out

Photos by kchbrown

Photo by Contrabass

Zoe Strauss, Under 95

Photo by Mark Barry
under i-95 2009

under i-95 2009

under i-95 2009

Photos by ofeverydaylife


Photos by jskaroff

I-95 Project

Photos by Sean Justice

Photos by Kiteman

Photos by Odhusky

Photo by Burt Blender

ZS and Mickey_0617 web

table_0613 web

Photos by Ms. Lynn Bloom

Thanks to all who made these pictures!


I always place the photos a little high, because I want the viewer to be eye to eye with the portraits, but I might drop them an inch next year. Also, I'm going to be experimenting with mounting on foam core and adhering to the pillars next year.

I am open to how the installation has changed over the last 9 years, but I still have a little trepidation about the commodification of the prints on the pillars and I think I have come up with a solution for that next year, which is actually to give more away at the outset. 231 free signed color copies all sealed, and able to be traded, given away on the day of the show to the first people to pick them up You'll just get a hand stamp marking that you got one. Seemingly antithetical to give away more, not less, but that's how I do. I'm going to need to do some serious fundraising this year.

More to come.


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