Monday, May 11, 2009

Philadelphia Museum of Art Marcel Duchamp Collection

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you might get a kick out of this article excerpt:

Taking Jokes By Duchamp To Another Level of Art

"... The influence of Duchamp's readymades on 20th-century art is incalculable. Without Duchamp, would Jasper Johns have painted flags and targets? Would Andy Warhol have made his Brillo boxes? Would there be any Conceptual Art at all?

Well, take a deep breath and imagine art without the readymade. Last month, Art News reported that Rhonda Roland Shearer, an artist, had been trying for two years to prove that Duchamp's readymades are not really mass-produced objects. She thinks he altered or made them all, then cunningly covered up the evidence to create a time-release surprise.

To Ms. Shearer, this is like discovering that "there was no historical Jesus." She explains: "You can't just say he was a jokester and move on. What happens to the artists who took the readymade as a sacred truth? It has meant too much to the people who believe it."

[For example] Duchamp's readymade glass ampoule, which he named ''50 cc of Paris Air,'' is larger than any that would have been readily available to pharmacists. (And she has a tape of a man from Corning Glass saying so.)