Thursday, May 07, 2009

Next year I am stopping the way I shoot and beginning a new project. While I'm still up in the air about the new work, I know for certain that it will no longer be the type of street photography that I've used as my main medium in the last 9 years.

I think I still want to work with a camera, but on a very different scale and different subject matter and scope. I'm going full throttle until 2010 with making I-95 the best installation it can possibly be and not pushing myself to come up with the kind of intense structure that I created for I-95 for the next decade.

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ruben said...

Wow...I think it is good to end up I-95-10 with a bang and sounds like you are up to something new.You are already thinking about it? You are amazing Zoe!

For some reason, I always envisioned a slide presentation at the end of the I-95 underpass or some type of installation?

Walking from the beginning to the end of the show , I always wanted to see something of monumental quality at the end. With the great sense of perspective that the space provides...

Also,I think it can be interesting people like me that collect and know your work being assigned to be tour guides during the show.You have no idea how many questions people have and their curiosity level. Maybe a panel discussion earlier before the show of several panelist discussing with the public your work?

I would love that every citizen of Philadelphia would get to know your work. They are so lucky to have you Zoe!

If I can help on anything , you can count on me.

Just a thought