Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kitten Mania on Cantrell St.

Today at the studio I was taking out the trash and found 3 kittens in the back yard. 3 ridiculously cute kittens. Insanely adorable kittens.

I am super allergic to cats so I asked one of the guys at the corner to come and help me get the kittens and by the time we got them in Phil's pet carrier there was a guy outside asking for a cat. Here he is, in Eagles green, claiming the first kitten.

kitten mania_9655 web

I was going to bring them home and keep them outback until I found a good home for them, but their cuteness level didn't even let me make it past the corner, they all stayed on the block.

kitten mania kittens_9668 web

holding kittens_9664_1 web


scrappy_9675 web
The mother, Scrappy.


Anonymous said...

cute overload

AAS said...

way too adorable! now i want to get a kitten.

ruben said...

I have a pussycat at home.I found her on my yard and I adore her!

Darla said...

this is like if cute overload and zoe strauss had a baby....

One Tired Momma said...

Do you have any kittens left?

I know somone who is interested.

zs said...

I'll ask and get back to you tomorrow!

Sarah said...

love the kittens ! now when is scrappy getting spayed?

sonrie said...

what an awesome street - it looks like my neighborhood, a lot of small houses very close to the street. everyone sits on the front porch.