Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camp Straussundbloom Postcard Project

Dear Friends,

Camp Straussundbloom is gearing up for an amazing summer. Camp Straussundbloom has 3 amazing campers this year: Maggie, Katie and Kellie. I am excited to invite folks to participate in one of Camp Straussundbloom's big summer projects... The Postcard Project. Anyone and everyone can participate.


Here's how it works...

1. You send a postcard to-

Maggie, Katie and Kellie
838 Cantrell St.
Philadelphia, PA

Please write something about where you live. Even if you live on the 900 block of Cantrell St.
And include your return address.

2. You will then get 3 homemade postcards back! One each from Maggie, Katie and Kellie. It's a wild card for what you'll get back, but rest assured that it will be something amazing because Maggie, Katie and Kellie are amazing.

3. That is all.


Please be sure to include age appropriate info, Maggie is 12 and Katie and Kellie are 10. Seriously, you will get something incredible back.


colette said...

i'll get my son to do it--he's 11. colette

ZS said...

Yes! Thanks Colette!

sonrie said...

hi, i just discovered your blog, but this sounds exciting and i would love to help these young ladies with their summer plans!

ZS said...


Kim said...

Count me in, I'll send them some nice Swedish postcards. :)