Monday, May 04, 2009

Art Most Fierce on I-95

Thanks to Ruben for coming down and for the post! I'm thrilled that Ms. Kelly Harper's portrait will be in a home filled with love for her.


ruben said...

Thank you Zoe!

Kelly will be in a place that I will be able to look at it every day. Anything you need from me (what we talked about) just ask.You can count on me!

Amy Elkins got ''This is your Warning'' and it is posted in her blog.
Amy Stein also got ''The Equitable''

Chad said...

Hey there Zoe!

Sorry I didn't get a chance to come up and grab another hug this year, as it was packed with a larger crowd than I think I had seen years before. I got to take home the photograph on the other side of Ruben on the pillar (Everything Is Not One Dollar). It is now proudly hanging in my studio at Flux. I'm sure its inspiration will fill the room, and affect the work I produce greatly.

Hope all is well and congrats!