Monday, May 25, 2009


Alex Mechanick has chosen to not attend Camp Straussundbloom here in South Philadelphia. Instead he's going to The Ivy Scholars program at Yale. What? Who would pick that?

From the Ivy Scholars description...

"The Program is designed for exceptional high school student leaders, regardless of previous training in public speaking or debate, who aim to become senior leaders in their home countries whether they be future presidents, prime ministers, CEOs, corporate directors, public service or civic leaders. The goal of the Program is to study and apply the lessons of the world's greatest strategists and leaders spanning over 2,500 years to contemporary and future issues of the 21st century."

Sponsored by International Security Studies and The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy Yale University"

From the Camp Straussundbloom description...

"Pizza on Friday after you cut a lot of color copies! That is, if I remember I said I was going to get pizza."


- Yale University: 3 Generations of Bushes and Skull and Bones

- Camp Straussundbloom: Discussion about Lord of the Rings and water ice.

Hello? The choice is obvious.
Alex, I don't know what good is going to come out of this so called "grand strategy" planning!


Alex said...

I get to take over the world, Zoe.

zs said...

And Camp Straussundbloom can't help you with that?!?! You know one of the main objectives of Camp Straussundbloom is worldwide take over! I've been doing pretty well with it, too.

Alex, I will go toe to toe with your Yale "grand strategy!" I will take on any of these so called professors in the game that unequivocally proves the greater strategist... the game of Stratego. Let them know I'm ready.

Love you!

Alex said...

Stratego? For wimps. I see your Stratego, and raise not just a Risk, but a Diplomacy as well.

ZS said...

Really? I'll see your Risk AND Diplomacy... Let's see how you do in the game of LIFE! And also the game of TOPIC SWITCH!