Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Absence of Neutrality

Earlier this week I was dreaming about a sculpture by Mike Macfeat, a 4"x4" burned cross. In the dream I was looking at it and said, "The absence of neutrality" and it had something to do with the false symbols of neutrality presented on the Swiss flag, and as the Red Cross emblem. Awake I would say the "impossibility of neutrality" or the "lie of neutrality," asleep I thought the "absence of neutrality." I don't know.

Burnt Cross
Mike Macfeat

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Anonymous said...

After your next book of photographs (hire Susan Chun, formerly of The Met & Knopf to go on press & to do your color proofs for that one) perhaps you should publish your dream journal and insights into to art.

In the last couple of weeks, you've published two very interesting dream entries. Think about it.