Monday, April 20, 2009

Why Is This Year Different From All Other Years?

This is the 2nd to last year for I-95 and in many ways this year's edit reflects the feel of a final draft.


This is the last year for any of the "continuation" photos, the photos that I use to mark a shift in locations that I've previously photographed. The locations are the same but there are physical changes in the buildings and the signage... and of course, the election has changed the the metaphysical landscape of America this year. It seems appropriate to include a few photos that have been made of the same place, but years apart. Next year there's no luxury of exploring a changing landscape, it will be the complete installation.

lottery tickets 9th and snyder web_1

man walking down steps at 9th and Snyder_9008 web

The top photo is stronger but the bottom photo will replace it this year. The bottom photo shows a small Obama campaign photo in the window and the position of the man's left foot make it the one for this year.


91 ridge-ave-meat.jpg

ridge ave 2009_4971 web

Ridge Ave has been a staple in for 5 or 6 years in aisle 3. This year it will be switched out for the bottom photo.


31 stardust copy.jpg

stardust sign web.jpg

Last year I switched out the top photo for the photo of the Stardust sign being dismantled. As of right now, neither will be in the show this year.


your future starts here

your future starts here2-1

The painted over "Your Future Starts Here" has become a keystone in the installation and replaced the older "Your Future Starts Here" a year or two ago. I don't know which will make it into the final installation.

While I try not to indulge in year to year time sensitive photos in I-95, it can smack of sentimentality and derail the importance of each year being complete installation, this year it seemed to be important to include 3-4 photos that bridge the span of the 9 years of work.


Don't Drink or Sit deleted 13 web

167 don't-drink-or(ASS)-2.jpg

The photos above are an exception in terms of the strength of the individual images. Both photos are strong enough to hold their own. The "Don't Drink or Sit Deleted" image is the one for this year.


covered highway grafittiemail

Deleted text is an important part of my work, but with the exception of the "Don't Drink or Sit Deleted" photo I've haven't made any deleted or removed text photos, with fully deleted text, that I think are stronger than the 2 above . For the last 4 years there's been images that look to supplant these 2, but none ever make it.


Both of the photos below will be here this year. I felt I needed these 2 representations of land... razed and growth. "Hills" is next to "Monique Showing Black Eye" in numbered ordering and directly across an aisle from "World Trade Center Site."
This will be the last year any photo that needs caption or knowledge of literal place can be included. I can't imagine that "Hills" will make it next year, but this year it needs to be there. There's a little self indulgence in these... knowing that the California hills are right next to the San Andreas Fault is a bit of information that changes the reading of the photograph and I want no text or indication, just the image. Again, next year there's none of that.

World Trade Center and hills by the San Andreas Fault
130. WTC Site
171. Hills by San Andreas Fault

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