Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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This year there's reference to "an invitation" to transgression in our everyday lives, in addition to looking at our ability to circumvent, and be confined by, both real and perceived boundaries.


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Palmer Parking Lot

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A series of "removed" and "applied" images figure heavily in this year's edit. Palmer Parking Lot has replaced scratches this year, "applied" trumping "removed" in this last edit.


15- metropolitan hospital

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Applied and removed


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Judy showing reconstructed breast after cancer_3602-Edit web

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Applied and removed: the malleability and construction and reconstruction of our own bodies.


My lady and I went to the Harry Kalas memorial at the stadium earlier this week, and I saw something fascinating. Down and to the right of where my lady and I sat, there were a bunch of people standing who worked with or knew Harry Kalas, Phillies employees, sportscasters, etc.

A local sportscaster, Gary Papa, was there. Gary Papa is battling cancer, he was in a wheelchair and standing behind him was Scott Palmer, a guy who works with the Phillies front office and a former newscaster who worked at the same station with Gary Papa.

There was something so tender and intimate about the way they were, with Scott Palmer standing behind Gary Papa and holding onto his wheelchair the entire time. At one point Scott Palmer was helping Gary Papa with a ziplock bag of pills. In weird way it crystallized what this kind of public memorial service was, a collision of real and imagined relationships. It felt a little uncomfortable to look at them, it felt private despite being in a very public space. The tenderness between those two men seemed very real, these former coworkers whose job is it to work for connection between a projection of themselves and strangers. It was surprisingly beautiful and moving.

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