Sunday, April 26, 2009

gold teeth wedding ring_6433 web

This one, a cropped version, will be in 95 this year. It's really likely that this will be the only year for this image, but for reasons that are too lengthy to go into it's a portrait that will help tie together some one the images in the last two aisles running east to west. Again, this is the last year for a draft and I am grateful that I can incorporate some images that I'm not 100% about. This is not my best portrait by a long shot, and in truth I think that portraits aren't my long suit anyway, but this woman's gesture and expression are needed in this installment of I-95.

Not needed is the story behind this, how this woman and her husband melted down their wedding rings and got gold teeth made out of them. Her husband is a mechanic, and his ring kept getting caught at work so he couldn't wear it, hence the gold tooth solution. I thought it was beautiful and a great idea.

Also not needed is the difficult to see text behind this woman's head, on the right in the frame... "Grillin' Zone." That's a pretty good pun, but not the crux of the image.


gold teeth wedding ring_6432 web

This one is not going to be in 95, her left eye in this doesn't reflect how this woman was... forthright and alert.

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