Friday, April 10, 2009

Saint Barbara

My UCSB residency is done and I am back in the city of brotherly and sisterly love. This residency was a tremendous success. I gave a lecture, spoke to a bunch of classes, did some crits, worked making photographs with Youth CineMedia, was interviewed by those guys, showed some slideshows and produced a project that involved having people display identical photos in their homes: a homeowner who employs a domestic worker and housekeeper who works in aforementioned home.

Also, traveled to the San Andreas fault at Fraiser Park. And went to Oxnard and met these great BMX kids. And went to Ventura and saw California surfers with long blond hair.

I saw the Santa Barbara police search about 8 of the Youth CineMedia kids right before we got in the car to drive to UCSB to go to a writing class. Unfuckingbelieveable. We weren't even out of the parking lot and the police stopped and searched these guys. In the fucking PARKING LOT of the community center. One kid who wasn't even with our group had a little pipe and Visine. I can't speak to the difficultly and complexity with crime and gangs in Santa Barbara, but I am certain that this system seems like it's fucked up.

santa barbara search_6278 web


Let me tell you who I got a good vibe from...Youth CineMedia. Even though the kids just keep talking and talking. Jesus H. Christ! Please quiet down!

benny and buddha_6367 web
Look at these 2 guys, Benny and Buddha. They are both great. I actually wished I wasn't falling asleep when they interviewed me because I was going to go "Willie Mosconi" on them after the interview but had to get back to the Best Western and into bed before collapse. I'm looking forward to working on a book with them and some folks in the UCSB writing department.

And again, thanks to Elyse for doing so much.

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