Wednesday, April 08, 2009


John is my friend and the brother of my #1 dagger, Paula Cronan, and he is a crew member on the Maersk Alabama, which was boarded by pirates and is now in the midst of a hostage crisis with the pirates. They have Captain Richard Phillips on a lifeboat and the hostage situation is ongoing.

John, I'm thinking about you and all your crewmates, especially your captain, and sending love and hope for a speedy and peaceful resolution.

Dagger, I'm thinking about you and sending my love and ready for you to hear the good news about John's return to land.

46 paula's-union-hall.jpg
Paula's (and John's) Union Hall


The Capt'n said...

Thanks, Dagger. He is ok!
After TWO DAYS of fighting the pirates themselves, alone at sea, with nobody around to help, including a six-hour battle on Tuesday to keep them off the ship using fire hoses, and then barehandedly capturing an AK47 wielding freak on Wednesday and recapturing back the ship from the other three AK47 wielding freaks, which has never been done before, and then negotiating with the pirates for hours and hours as they held the Captain hostage on board the lifeboat, which the Captain gave to them, as well as himself, in exchange for the safety of the crew....then, finally, the navy showed up. Don't believe the news stories that say they "rushed" there.
John's ship was cut loose to sail to Mombassa, Kenya with about 20 heavily armed navy whatevers on board. The navy ship remains with the lifeboat, working to free the Captain. I'm sure it was hard for John and the crew to leave him.
From Mombassa, they are being flown to DC on a private jet. I'm sure they're gonna be furious and have many questions for whatever government people they speak to.
I used to think the idea of pirates was kind of cool, right? But I'm over it.
Oh and p.s. John finally left that union and is now with MEBA.

The Capt'n said...

Dagger you gotta drop the word verification bullshit from your comments box. It took me three tries to publish, and nothing I have to say is ever worth that effort!

zs said...

Yo Dagger, I haven't stopped thinking about this since I heard that John was on the ship. This captain and crew is amazing... overtaking the armed pirates? What? And the captain offering himself and a lifeboat as to help the crew? It's amazing. I know all those guys have to be anxious about his safe return.

Plus who the fuck knew that guys in a speedboat shoot a ladder onto a freighter and hold crew hostage with AK-47s? What? Every part of this is incredible in the truest sense if the word incredible.

Once the Captain and crew are all situated, I will be able to be like "The Cronans again in international affairs!" but I'm ready to hear about the Captain's safety and John getting back here before I can be like "all is right."


zs said...

Dagger, word verification is going nowhere unless you want to read all about "I am nice russian girl looking to meet you in person" or "V I@gr @!!!! L@@K!!!"

Let me reiterate, love you dagger. also, saw Hex Hassinger in SB and she is great.

Tom said...

Tom Infield at the Philadelphia Inquirer is seeking information about Mr. Cronan for an article on the whole piracy drama. Please contact me at with anything that would help.... Tom