Thursday, April 09, 2009

John Cronan: AOK

Here's a report from my #1 dagger, Paula Cronan, regarding her brother's pirate ordeal.

"...After TWO DAYS of fighting the pirates themselves, alone at sea, with nobody around to help, including a six-hour battle on Tuesday to keep them off the ship using fire hoses, and then barehandedly capturing an AK47 wielding freak on Wednesday and recapturing back the ship from the other three AK47 wielding freaks, which has never been done before, and then negotiating with the pirates for hours and hours as they held the Captain hostage on board the lifeboat, which the Captain gave to them, as well as himself, in exchange for the safety of the crew....then, finally, the navy showed up. Don't believe the news stories that say they "rushed" there.

John's ship was cut loose to sail to Mombassa, Kenya with about 20 heavily armed navy whatevers on board. The navy ship remains with the lifeboat, working to free the Captain. I'm sure it was hard for John and the crew to leave him.
From Mombassa, they are being flown to DC on a private jet. I'm sure they're gonna be furious and have many questions for whatever government people they speak to."

I love both of you and am so readddddy to hear about John getting back here and off of the high seas for a little bit.


The Capt'n said...

Dagger, OK, we know a little more now. I was furious when I wrote that last passage. When John gets home we'll get the real story.

zs said...

Dagger, it's a good passage! That's what someone is thinking when someone has been shooting at their brother with an AK-47!