Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I want to give a shout out to Tony Smyrski of Megawords for hooking me up with the Rutgers talk. The first 20 people who came to the Rutgers Camden talk got a free copy of America AND they offered a FREE lunch. Rutgers Camden does it right!

And thanks to Pat who scheduled the talk.


Aside: Pat lives on the 300 block of Cantrell St and mentioned that his house was broken into recently. Someone broke in through the basement window. However, the intruder took nothing and did nothing other than making and eating a mozzarella sandwich. And it was shredded mozzarella on Stroehmann white bread. What the fuck?

Aside aside: Earlier this week I was playing cards with Maggie on the living room floor when Gloria into yelled into our house, "ZOE! ZOE! Whose birthday is it?" We have a little "happy birthday" banner hanging in between living room and the dining room. OK, I have no idea how long Gloria could have been standing at our front door staring in through the screen door but it really must have been a while to spy the happy birthday banner.

I yelled out that it was my birthday April 1st and we hadn't taken it down yet and Gloria yelled in "It was mine on March 31!" And then then she yelled "CHINDAN!" which LB's grandmother told me means "100 years" in Italian. Please note that this entire conversation was yelling at the top of our lungs through our screen door, we couldn't see each other and I didn't stop playing crazy 8s.

Gloria is pretty great neighbor but you can occasionally get trapped with talking. A story often includes something like... "You know her Zoe, she lived on Broad St right at Tasker in 1947 and she had that dog with a pretty face. She was 92 then and I was helping her up the steps with her cup of ice and saying a hail mary!"

LB called me in Santa Barbara with a long story that Gloria needed to tell me about how her next door neighbor trapped a feral cat and wouldn't say where he released it and how she was going to call L and I on his illegal decks and how one time he turned the hose on when her sister Florence was hanging out laundry. Believe me, that's the abridged version.

Aside aside aside: Gloria's nephew is Bobby, a mentally disabled man who spends most of his days walking the block and smoking and occasionally urinating in the street and getting yelled at. However, Bobby somehow knows EVERY Jewish holiday and always wishes me a happy holiday. It's nuts, he can barely function but I heard "Happy Passover" earlier this week. I know, full blown nuts. Bobby isn't Jewish, his whole family is Catholic so I have no fucking idea how he manages be up on current Jewish holiday dates. I wouldn't know the date of Sukkot if it bit me in the ass, but Bobby will know it months ahead.

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