Monday, April 13, 2009

I just got home, 11 PM, after printing all day... 11 PM is like 900 o'clock to me. I need a lot of rest. Earlier, my mother had to come over because we caught a mouse on a glue trap in the basement and both the Mrs. and I are terrified of mice. So a heavy hitter had to come over: AKA, my mother. My mom is #1. Also, I wish my whole family lived within a 4 block radius.

During this rodent debacle it turns out that our hot water heater is busted, water is running out of a valve and the basement floor is soaked. Please. No hot water tonight. I called Fred Jonas, the Jewish plumber, and he'll be here at 7:30 AM.

Before that, I drove by the stadium on the way back to the studio and people had brought flowers and cards. Some lady kept wanting to talk about how she brought her plant on the subway. Another guy brought his transistor and put it in with the flowers.

And before that, a truly classy dagger, P Cronan, was going to be on Larry King talking about her brother but then it got canceled. What? Who doesn't want to hear a dagger representing for all "Daggers of the World Who Have Siblings Involved in Attempted Pirate Hijackings?"

Before that, I heard that Harry Kalas died.

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The Capt'n said...

Dagger, it breaks my heart to hear about Harry Kalas. Thanks for that beautiful story about the flowers, plant, and transistor radio.
Btw here is a new thing you should know about John:
He called and told me that after working today in the engine room, (yes, they were still working today, after EVERYTHING, but he said he was actually glad to stay busy.) Anyhow, he said that he had just finished his special welding project. Apparently he designed security bars and welded them onto the doorways etc. around the engine room, so that the next time this happened, the crew would be safer. Actually the way he phrased it was that he "did it for the next guy."