Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here’s what happens on Sunday, May 3 2009 at Front and Mifflin Sts. in Philadelphia, PA. There’s 231 photographs under I-95 from 1PM to 4PM. All of the photos will be up at 1PM.

There’s photos for sale at the table, and maps and photo lists, golf pencils, water and pretzels. Color copies are 5 dollars each, please ask for them by number. Every photo in the show has a number written on the ground in front of the image. If you want to buy a copy, tell the people at the table the number and they’ll get it for you. Working at the table will be Allison, Yujean, and Savannah. Ashley will be available for answering questions. Maria is security.

Savannah: #1 Sister of all time!
Yujean: intern from The Philadelphia Center
Ashley: intern from Moore
Allison: intern from Tyler
Maria: Ashely's lady friend

also starring Manny Dominguez, Jr, Ilene Baker, Christine Settino and the one and only Lynn Bloom.

At 4 when the show is over people are welcome to take the photos from the pilasters. PLEASE TAKE ONLY ONE, SO THAT EVERYONE WHO'S THERE CAN GET ONE. If there's images up at 5 oclock, you can go back and take another, but please wait.

There’s adhesive backing on the photos, so if you think you want to take one bring saran wrap or paper to put on the back. And bring some for other people, too.

For folks who are just wandering in who or don’t know about the maps and photos for sale at the table, please tell them how the show works. Also, there's no need for a map if you want to see the show without notions of where the photos were made. It's installed so that you can do it however you want.


1. There's a lot of walking to see this installation. It's a total of 2 square city blocks, so be prepared. I will have bottles of water at the info/sales table that you can grab. Bring a folding chair if desired. Also, I would say it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to do the whole thing.

2. The info/sales table will be on the Miffin St. side of the underpass. It's not necessary to stop there, but I will have maps and lists of the photos included in the installation. Remember, you can start and end anywhere in the installation, the numbers are only for ease of purchase and if you'd like to know where the photo was made.

In the last couple of years the line to buy photos has been pretty slow moving, so my super as"sis"tant, Savannah Roberts and my #1 intern, Charday Laverty who won't be in attendance because SHE'S JOINED THE FUCKING ARMY, have come up with some organizational changes to speed things up. If you are interested in buying a photo, please, PLEASE, request the image by number. Every photo has a number at the base of the pillar that corresponds to the map and you can pick up maps and golf pencils at the table in the front.

At least two people will be manning the sales/info table from 1 to 4 and the two main anchors are Ms. Savannah Roberts, Ms. Yujean Park and Ms. Allison Feldish. They are bright and charming young women who can answer many of your questions and help you if you are interested in making a purchase. I will also be able to answer questions. However, I will most likely be semi comatose and unable to be my usual erudite self.

There will be at least 2 color photocopies of every photo in the exhibition available for purchase, as supplies last. All photos are 5 dollars.

3. The show is from 1PM to 4PM, which means that after 4PM folks are allowed to take the photos from the pillars. I am requesting that people only take ONE photo per person. If you want to grab another, wait til 5PM and then go to town.


4. Please be aware that some of the subject matter is sensitive and deals with adult themes.

5. Here are DIRECTIONS to the show.


This will be a difficult year without Mary Ann Black there, my aunt and cheerleader. Love you and miss you, Mary Ann.

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