Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Charday has joined the army, despite my endless speeches about why she SHOULD NOT ENLIST. At this point I know that she's made an informed decision and that the promise of what she's looking to get out of joining the military outweighs the negatives for her. Happy that she's becoming a part of the military-industrial complex and most likely getting sent to Afghanistan? No. It's actually kind of killing me. But I am happy that she's made the decision after realistically weighing her other options, and I know that what she's doing with her life right now isn't panning out and her endless bouncing around will be impossible to sustain.

So she's off to Kansas City before she deploys. Last night I stopped at the Greyhound station to see her off, but then some problem with the ticket happened and she ended up scrapping the bus ticket and needing to go to the airport. Right... what? Then I gave her a ride to the airport. But she couldn't pick up the ticket until the morning, so I had to drive her back to North Philly where she's staying at her friend's mom's house. Ridiculous. But I love her, so there you go. I don't even know how one would describe our relationship, since it mostly consists of me giving her lectures.

On the way back to where she's staying we passed the corner where I made this photo.

bloody lip17_3web

I had picked up Charday up in Kensington and was driving her somewhere when I stopped to make a photo of this guy. I made her sit in the car with the doors locked for about 5 minutes. That photo's remained one of her favorites.

don't drink or sit_7387 web

I dropped her at 11th and Lehigh and right after I drove by "Don't Drink or Sit," at 13th and Lehigh, and made another photo of the wall. Just yesterday I was going over and writing about those photos... the deleted text has remained the same since last I saw it.


I've asked to make photos of Charday before, but she was always like "eh," and I never really feel like it either. I insisted I make a few before she left for boot camp.

Charday at the Greyhound station.

charday_7341 web

charday_7368 web

charday_7364 web

The 3 photos above are how Charday really looks.


charday_7362 web

charday_7344 web

The 2 photos above would be my choice it I didn't know her. It's very upsetting that she won't be at 95 this year.


charday_7382 web

Love you, Honey.

Everything is everything.


David S Kessler said...

oh! the army? i'm immediately worried. give her my best when you talk to her again. be careful Charday!

zs said...

Kessler, I know. The army. I'm calling you later! Love you too Kessler!