Wednesday, March 25, 2009

walking reflection wawa parking lot_9087_1_2 web fin

This one's making it. In the last 2 years I've come to use reflection as a recurrent theme within the composition of the photos as well as the placement of photos. The above is not one of my strongest photos, but I'm pleased to move away from the linear and gridded construction that's a predominant feature of much of my framing.

blue and red motel hotel web.jpg

whittier mural and reflection_9948 web

adam and eve room 2 web

father and son at greyhound bus station fin web.jpg

hotel room ceiling_mirror red carpet 2751_2 copy 2_1 web

139_ sonic drive through_3669-Edit web

hotel room mirror 3_2 web.jpg

tammi_6769_1 web


wtc site_7106_1 web

This one is making it too. Like all of the images, I prefer to show this without a literal description. This is one that slowly found it's way into this year's edit and I was hesitant to include it because I wanted to be sure the image could imply razing or natural formation, and that the markers of human presence were minimal, but there if you looked for them. The image is of the World Trade Center site, from about 40 stories above the street. Even if my feelings for this image comes from knowing the site, I'm certain it can hold up without a caption.

we fall down_5046_2 web

This one had been in the running ahead of "get back up again" but after I sat with it for a little "we fall down" is out and "get back up again" is in. In the placement this year there's no need for a redundant "we fall down," but there is most certainly a place for the direct refrain "get back up again."

get back up again_5037_3 web

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