Thursday, March 19, 2009

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I think I'm including the above photo as part of 95 this year. This is a photo that took me a while to see if I could separate the image from the story... if the image was going to hold up on it's own. I think it does, but the exchange will certainly factor in where the image is placed. It might not make the final cut, but I've thought of this portrait a lot and it will figure in the edit even if it doesn't make it in. I like Jean very much.


jean_9848_1 3 web
Jean Bruno is Angelo Bruno's daughter and my studio is around the corner from her house.

bruno_9851 web
Portrait of Angelo Bruno in his home

bruno_9835 web
Jean Bruno and Angelo Bruno's portrait

March 21, 1980
Angelo Bruno

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Anonymous said...

re: Fear

No wonder you have fear/anxiety during the editing process. You have an abundance of qualtiy you're dealing with not a lack there of.

Anyways, best of luck. See you in May.