Thursday, March 05, 2009

I am in Santa Barbara and ready to roll! I'm doing a project with my pal Elyse Gonzales who recently took a job out here as the new curator at UCSB’s University Art Museum. While I should be focused on the here and now, I am starting to get anxious about 95... I lost some work a few months ago with 2 hard drive failures, one right after the other, and I lost at least 4 photos I wanted to include this year. Two of the photos that were lost are pictured below.

tabitha_3071_1 web

peter and pop_6198_1 web

Just the lo-res images I uploaded to flickr are what I've got.

I can't cry over split milk, but believe me that I can cry and cry over this. Even if I decided that they're not making it... F.U.C.K.


Josh said...

Have you tried taking the drives to a professional yet? If not, stick them in the freezer for a few hours, then give them another try.

You should look into a comprehensive backup system like Drobo.

zs said...

Yes, both drives were taken to a professional and I might still send them out to a data recovery spot, but I don't have enough money to get that done right now. I absolutely have to get something like Drobo, instead of just saving on random external hard drives... the thing that was so fucked about this was that BOTH hard drives went within days. I'm pretty good about backing up and I usually have 3 or 4 places raw info has been backed up, but this was relatively new info, which meant that I had saved it onto the two hard drives.

Derek R said...

Another thing you could do is never erase your CF or SD cards. You'll spend more on cards, but you'll have an extra bit of redundancy in your backup scheme.

My camera uses SD cards, which are pretty cheap these days.

Maybe you could still print the pics, but obviously pixellated. (I dunno...)

Kim said...

i wonder if this might help you recover

i bookmarked it after i deleted a card by mistake, but haven't used it yet.

lauren said...

When exactly will the I-95 show be?

I want to be sure I get it in my calendar!