Thursday, March 26, 2009


So Citizens' Alliance is closing as of April 30th which means that my scheduled I-95 clean up is canceled and none of the cleaning machines are available. And no brooms or bags. No nothing.

This is a big problem. I'm unprepared for the clean up without the machines, it's about 30 hours of cleanup total for one person. And I am unprepared to buy cleaning supplies. I'm broke. I don't have any problem asking for help, get ready friends, and I certainly don't have any problem cleaning... it's just an inopportune time to schedule a revised clean up and pay for more things.

Citizens' Alliance, which is a bona fide neighborhood group, is also a spot that Vince Fumo defrauded. But Citizens' Alliance was not a "front" for Fumo, they did a tremendous amount of clean up around the neighborhood and provided a needed service ...not including clean up under 95, which was really generous. It was thought that Citizens' Alliance would be able to stay open after the Vince Fumo and Ruth Arnao verdict, but apparently no. Thanks Vince and Ruth, you fucking dicks.

"Fumo is charged with obstruction of justice and with defrauding the state Senate, a South Philadelphia charity he founded and a maritime museum of almost $3.5 million.

Ruth Arnao, who was executive director of the charity, Citizens Alliance for Better Neighborhoods, is charged with defrauding the nonprofit, filing false tax returns and obstruction."

Vince "OPM" Fumo used Citizens Alliance employees as his own "unpaid" personal staff.
Here's a story about Fumo. When we bought our house, our realtor's husband worked for Fumo. This was right before the primary when Ed Rendell and Bob Casey Jr. were running for the Democrats' nomination for governor. Fumo supported Casey and my realtors husband supported Rendell. At an event, Fumo told my realtors husband to remove his "Rendell" button or he'd be fired. When my realtors husband calmly objected, he was fired for wearing the pin.


Now here's a story about Christian DiCicco, who is currently the head of Citizens Alliance. Christian has been tremendously supportive of my work and I have nothing but gratitude for what he's done for the neighborhood, and for me personally. I know he tried to hold Citizens together and I am appreciative for his effort and his generosity.


Allan Smithee said...

I'll volunteer for the I-95.09 after-show cleanup.

There you go. Your crew just grew by one.

zs said...

You are great Mr. Smithee. Thanks a million because I'm going to take you up on it.

Mithras said...

I'll help out, too. I've got a bunch of contractors' bags I'll bring. What other supplies are needed? Where can we leave bagged trash?

zs said...

Why are you all the best? I'll set up times and shit this coming week. And do you have any idea how excited I am about you and Ellen? I'm serious so happy about it! Worlds colliding!

Anonymous said...

FWIW You should be able to get bags/brooms from Community Partnership Program out of Managing Directors office. And arrange for trash pick up as well. Pretty painless. You just need to get/submit their form specifying what/how many you need, where and when to pick up trash. You also need to arrange pick up/return to warehouse at 4000 North American Street. All info is on the form which I can't find online, sorry, but call Manuel Ramos at 215-685-9558

Anonymous said...

Not to start a debate or anything, but it seems to me from what I've read in the media that CA is halting cleaning services because they can't afford them. The reason they can't is because of mounting legal costs due to the State Atty. Generals office. It seems to me that your rage should be directed to our politically motivated Atty. Generals (state and federal) for going after Fumo and Arneao in the first place.