Thursday, March 26, 2009

Art Dealer Charged With Stealing $88 Million

Are you fucking kidding, Madoff, Jr?


Aside, a little linguistics observation. While the use of the word "enema" should be a stronger insult based on the idea of the anus, the word "douche" or "douche-bag" is much more pleasurable to use to refer to an unpleasant or disliked person.

Listen to these sentences:

"That guy is a fucking douche"
"That guy is a fucking enema"

I believe this is rooted in the actual sound of the word douche, ˈdüsh, a one syllable word with an "sh," as opposed to a 3 syllable word, ˈe-nə-mə, with 2 "eh"s. Certainly I am conscious of the misogyny within the construction of English, both formal and colloquial, but I really side with the poetry vs. the ideology on this. It's a tough call but "douche" wins out, particularly with a Philadelphia accent.

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