Monday, February 23, 2009

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Wonkavision is a locally produced independent music magazine... a glossy new milennium Maximum Rock and Roll. I am a big fan of Wonkavision and WV's head honcho, Justin Luczejko. Check it out and get a subscription.

Where to find Wonkavision


Sophia said...

My Search for Wonkavision, or, How I Unknowingly Came Out to Three Barnes and Noble Employees

So I saw this endorsement of Wonkavision and thought, well, 1. good magazine name, 2. Tegan and Sara are on the cover, and 3. Zoe Strauss recommended it. This is obviously the mag for me! I went to my local Barnes and Noble, as per the Wonkavision website 'where to buy' instructions. When I didn't see it on the shelf, I asked a B&N employee, who was talking to two other workers in the magazine section. When one guy said he hadn't head of it, the other man answered, "No, we have it. I've seen it before. [awkward pause] It's in section." [EXTREMELY awkward silence] The other two B&N employees, who previously offered suggestions, interest, and, um, eye contact, were now too (I think) embarrassed to say a thing. The three of them gave each other what I can only describe as simultaneously knowing, stunned, uncomfortable looks. I glanced around at them, amused, thinking, does "lifestyle" mean gay, and if so, well, I AM gay, so, chill out, guys, there's nothing to fear! The "lifestyle" guy brought me over to his computer, looked up Wonkavision, and said with a hint of surprise in his voice, "'s in the music section..." God forbid it be in the dreaded "lifestyle" section. He continued, "We don't have it in right now." After all that?! Well, I suppose the quest continues... Any thoughts on what "lifestyle" euphemistically implies?

zs said...

Oh my god, that's hysterical! First of all, I really enjoy that "lifestyle" is a code word for "homo." I'm going to start using it like this..."She's not going to be interested in you, she's lifestyle"

I am proud to have played a small roll in this awesome story. Thanks, Sophia!