Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I will be coming home without the kind of work I usually make, but with a lot of things to think about and fold into my work. I made sure this was more of a fact finding trip and not a work producing trip. Not a "fact-finding" trip like we had in the 80's e.g. "Laura is in El Salvador on a fact-finding trip" or "They broke up after she came home from that fact-finding trip to Angola" or "Did you get that vest on your fact-finding trip to Guatemala?", but a fact finding trip meaning I hoped to see a little of what this place is like.  I just wanted to experience as much as I could without the pressure of producing, which could have led to half-assed work and not really seeing Alaska because I was pushing to construct something. I especially didn't want to produce portraits like I usually do and in fact have only made a handful while up here. Like coming in the winter, I am certain I made the right decision in how I planned this trip and know it will be beneficial to my work in the long haul.

I'm really interested to see when this trip will begin to move into my work. Maybe not for years, but I know it will appear.

skateland_5500 web

trips brother_8728 web

bald eagle_5568_1 web

man in car looking at water_7129 web

ross_9460 web

grove_7598 web

2 tvs on_6792 web

captain cook_8787 web

young man cook inlet_8768 web

gas pumps_4249 web

taxidermist_4291 web

that is why_9007 web

kid at rollerskating rink_5513 web

pipeline_9288 web

trucker fairbanks_9183 web

denali_8838 web

fairbanks home_8994 web

charlotte web

empty sign frame_7191 web

home on trailer_9147 web

from cabin_8053 web

fairbanks volcano_9439 web

insulation_9590 web

Tammi_6782 web

fairbanks airport_9546 web

930 am raven_3480 web

thank you_8974 web


brad daly said...

This is a terrific set of photos. I love your vision applied to Alaska.

raoul said...

Good stuff.

Hannah is GofeetGo said...

These are really good. I'm excited to see what else will come out of this adventure. love your work.

Nathaniel said...


I missed your show, your lecture, everything. But I'm certainly enjoying seeing your vision through your blog. Thanks.