Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pioneer Portrait Studio

This was a success. Thanks so much to Marc for the light. All 200 will be printed and up tomorrow.

pioneer_1285 web

pioneer_1472 web

pioneer_1639 web

pioneer_1507 web

pioneer_1524 web

pioneer_1359 web

pioneer_1714 web

pioneer_1245 web

pioneer_1368 web

pioneer_1292 web

pioneer_1325 web

pioneer_1311 printed web

pioneer_1344 web

pioneer_1304 web

pioneer_1511 web

pioneer_1365 web

pioneer_1350 web

pioneer_1748 web

pioneer_1234 web

pioneer_1603 web


Anonymous said...

these are great!

David Rapoport said...

Twin Peaks!!!!!